Monarch “King of the Butterfly” Migration

/ Cherry Mountain Cottages

Monarch Butterflies on Gregg's Mist Flower

With the Texas Hill Country in bloom the butterflies are varied and numerous.  Of course the most famous reindeer butterfly of them all are the Monarchs.  The northward migration has been visiting Cherry Mountain for the past several weeks.  In the image above, two Monarchs visit a Gregg’s Mistflower (conoclinium greggii) for a bit of nectar while searching for a suitable location to lay their eggs.

The Antelope Horn Milkweed (asclepias asperula), the host plant for Monarch eggs and caterpillars are in full bloom on our hillside.  We hope to soon see the next generation of Monarchs in the form of big yellow, white, and black banded caterpillars – I’m sure some are already out there.

As you already knew… everyone likes to visit Fredericksburg and the Texas Hill Country.





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